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Sonya Atkins-Goodman

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Sonya Atkins-Goodman is a renowned business leader and founder of HumanEdge Resource Solutions, a highly respected consultancy firm specializing in HR solutions. With an impressive background in various industries, including healthcare, automotive, state contracted detention facilities, and manufacturing, Sonya brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her clients.

Throughout her 30+ years within the HR Profession, Sonya has demonstrated her strategic prowess as an HR business partner, focusing on building and directing infrastructures that foster positive cultures and drive profitable business operations. Recognizing that talent is the greatest investment for any organization, she emphasizes the importance of cultivating a culture of employee engagement, firmly believing that this leads to greater success and a higher return on investment. Sonya understands that leaders play a pivotal role in creating this culture and advocates for a leadership style rooted in servanthood, setting examples that promote inclusion, diversity, and collaboration.

A firm believer in growth and humbleness as the keys to great success, Sonya has consistently proven herself as a leader in her field. She understands that by embodying these qualities, leaders can attract a dedicated following of individuals who are eager to be part of a team that grows and thrives together.

As an experienced HR Executive, Sonya has received Congressional Recognition.  She continues to make an impact in the corporate, nonprofit, and consulting sectors.  With over 30 years of experience, she is well-versed in developing and executing strategies that drive business growth and sustainability. 

Sonya is not only a seasoned HR professional but also a mentor, coach, and advocate for organizations seeking to protect their legacy and unlock their fullest potential. She leverages her influence as an influencer, professional speaker, facilitator, and author to empower individuals and organizations alike. Her unique combination of experience, insight, and passion makes her an invaluable resource for those striving for success.

In summary, Sonya Atkins-Goodman is a dynamic and accomplished leader, revered for her strategic approach to HR and her commitment to building strong teams. With a deep understanding of the complexities of business, she has helped numerous organizations overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Sonya’s impact extends beyond her professional endeavors as she actively contributes to the development of inclusive cultures and fosters growth in both individuals and organizations. Her dedication and expertise continue to leave a lasting legacy in the field of human resources and beyond.

Desiree Boutte

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Desiree Boutte boasts an extensive background in the Human Resources field, with over a decade of experience. As an HR Leader, she places particular emphasis on senior-level talent acquisition and recruitment, showcasing her expertise in talent management, HR operations, and compliance. Her track record in attracting top-tier talent and assembling high-performing teams that drive organizational growth further demonstrates her proficiency.

In her role as an HR business partner, Desiree is dedicated to developing and implementing strategic HR initiatives. This includes optimizing HR processes, driving organizational development, and establishing comprehensive succession planning programs.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Desiree is deeply committed to community service, actively serving on the board of directors for esteemed organizations such as the Adult Education Center, Gathering Outreach Community Services, and The Pearland Neighborhood Center. Additionally, she has held esteemed positions on the Board of The Yellow Out Campaign and served as an Ambassador with Greater Businesses of Pearland.

Desiree’s unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of HR excellence drives her to deliver measurable results and make a significant impact on her organization’s long-term success.

Lauren Jones

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Lauren Jones is a seasoned Business Development Manager renowned for her strategic insight and dedication to driving organizational growth. With over a decade of experience in finance and compliance, Lauren has forged lasting client relationships and optimized operational efficiency in roles ranging from banking to education finance.

As the Business Development Manager at HumanEdge Resource Solutions, she spearheads business development efforts, driving revenue growth and expanding the company’s client base through strategic planning and collaboration. Beyond her professional achievements, Lauren is known for her integrity, commitment to excellence, and passion for serving others. Whether mentoring colleagues or exploring new horizons, she approaches every endeavor with purpose and dedication, making a lasting impact in both her professional and personal spheres.