Bringing the human back to Human Resources.

Bringing the human back to Human Resources.

HumanEdge Resource Solutions

Every business. Every stage.

HeRS realizes that every business has different needs, regardless of what stage they are currently in. Need help hiring? We can help! Need help getting your team strategically aligned? We can help!

When You Can’t Do It All

HumanEdge Resource Solutions can help your business by providing multiple services such as

What is Talent Optimization?

Our strategic focus on Talent Optimization goes beyond traditional approaches to performance management and employee development. We take a holistic and dynamic approach that encompasses a wide range of essential aspects, including performance management, talent development, employee engagement, and workforce analytics.


What is Leadership Acceleration?

Our Leadership Acceleration solutions embody the concept of propelling leaders forward through targeted training, coaching, mentoring, and experiential learning opportunities. We believe in cultivating agile, forward-thinking leaders who can navigate complex challenges, drive innovation, and inspire high-performance teams.


What is People Risk Management?

Our strategic approach to People Risk Management encompasses a comprehensive range of critical aspects, including compliance, employee well-being, diversity and inclusion, workforce planning, and talent retention. By framing it as “People Risk Management,” we emphasize the importance of recognizing people as valuable assets and strategically managing potential risks associated with them.


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What They Say

Nela Margiolos, CMOM

I had an opportunity and pleasure to work with Sonya on several occasions. Sonya was the VP of HR at my previous employer, consultant at my last employer and most recently my mentor. No matter what kind of HR need your business might have, Sonya is your go to expert.

Deanna Schultz

Sonya has been a fantastic coach! When I was interviewing for various positions, I could genuinely feel she wanted me to succeed as badly as I did. Thankful to her for giving me the tools, training, and expertise to claim the position I really wanted!

Ashley Davis, Realtor

Sonya is such an asset to the community; she brings such joy to her work doing HR, consulting and coaching for local businesses. What I find particularly remarkable about Sonya is her dedication to supporting women and minority-owned businesses. She has a deep understanding of the unique challenges these businesses face and is committed to helping them overcome these obstacles and achieve their goals. Her passion for creating inclusive and supportive workplaces where everyone can thrive is truly inspiring. I have seen firsthand the positive impact she has on her clients’ businesses and I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of HR support, consulting, or coaching.

Paige Neumeyer, LCSW, CDP

Sonya Atkins-Goodman with HumanEdge Resource Solutions was truly and literally an answer to a prayer! I recently began the journey of starting my own business and had so many thoughts, ideas, questions, and fears and I prayed that God would help me find someone to guide me in this process. Then a friend mentioned in a brief conversation that she had been working with a business coach who was also a great Christian lady. I knew that this was who was who I was meant to connect with. From our first introductory meeting, Sonya exemplified so much passion, not only for her work but for her connection with people and her desire to help guide and share knowledge and skills of building a new business. However, most importantly Sonya helped me build my confidence in myself. And even now, when I start having doubts, I hear her in my head telling me the things that I need to do to keep going. I am so lucky to have found her and gained a friend in the process.

Dr. Wondwossen Goshu

I want to share my heartfelt testimony for Ms. Sonya. As a small business owner, I was overwhelmed when I faced the challenge of acquiring a facility from a multi-billion-dollar company. Meeting with their HR team was daunting, but thankfully, I knew about Sonya’s experience and expertise. When I reached out to her, being honest about my limited resources, Sonya immediately reassured me with her unwavering support. She told me, “I’ve got you,” and she truly did. She made the transition smooth and helped me shine while getting all the necessary work done. I couldn’t have navigated this acquisition without her, and I’m forever grateful for her friendship and guidance. Sonya is a remarkable professional and a dear friend who made an impossible task achievable.

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